Tomorrow... for Christ

Tomorrow... for Christ

Fr. Manasan Wongvarn, SJ and Puttipong Puttansri


It was a transitional period in 1970, with the cold war, the War in Vietnam, communist expansion, and the uncertain global economy. Furthermore, it was during the period following Vatican II, when the Church in Thailand widely promoted the vocation to the priesthood and religious life. The Jesuits felt the same way. Therefore, the Jesuits themselves also promoted vocation, particularly to those interested in the religious life through the pages of various Catholic journals and magazines. 

Only three days after Father Alfonso de Juan's ordination on March 21 that year, the Jesuit members in Thailand met on March 24-25 at Pha Daeng Beach in Chumphon Province. The meeting concluded that the committee would carry out the same missions as before until more members joined. Six months later, the first issue, titled "Vacancy," was announced in the September issue of Udomsarn. It is a formal invitation to young men to join the Society of Jesus. 


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In the years that followed, an intriguing phrase was used in several invitations about the Jesuit vocation: 
"A Desire to Create a Tomorrow for Christ." Later, on November 6, 1970, Fr. Sigmund Laschenski (1970 A.D.) was appointed as Thailand's first Regional Superior. Fr. Laschenski was also in charge of promoting the Jesuit vocation at the time. The following day, on November 7-8, a "Jesuit Life Seminar" was held for the first time at Xavier Hall. Six male students attended the seminar, and more students became interested later on.

Following that, on June 14, 1979, the Jesuits published "Jesuit Books" in order for Thai Catholics to learn more about Jesuit priests and to promote the vocation in the Society of Jesus.