Xavier Learning Community (XLC), Chiang Rai

Xavier Learning Community, Chiang Rai

Xavier Learning Community (XLC) is situated in Mae Chan District in the Province of Chiangrai, less than 20 minutes from the Golden Triangle. Chiangrai Province is a central tourist area in Thailand, where many iconic temples and tea plantations are located. It is also home to many hill tribes, some of which have become community-based tourist sites.

Chiangrai has been chosen as one of Thailand’s Specific Economic Zones, an initiative first launched in 2015 by the government. Chiang Rai is perfectly positioned as the logistics hub for the greater Mekong sub-region. It borders Myanmar and Laos 250 miles south of China’s Yunnan Province. It is also a valuable gateway to Vietnam and India. Because of this, our students must have skills and knowledge such as English, Chinese, business management, tourism, and hospitality to support the economic potential in the region.

XLC is a residential institute that envisions itself as a culturally diverse institution for uplifting and empowering young people. It is aimed at educating young people – especially ethnic groups in northern Thailand and neighboring countries – to become humane and competent leaders and to reach their full potential based on the Jesuit tradition. They provide opportunities to develop professional expertise and skills necessary to live and survive in the 21st century. XLC is committed to forming men and women of integrity, working for and with others to build a just and harmonious world.

Until XLC has transitioned to a full-fledged college, it cannot grant its academic degrees to its students. In response, XLC has enrolled the students in a four-year study program at Sukhothai Thammathirat Open University. This will culminate in a Bachelor's Degree in English.

In 2023, Xavier Learning Community collaborated with Saengtham College to obtain another Bachelor's Degree. This Saengtham College belongs to Bangkok Diocese. Xavier Learning Community is given the name "Xavier Saengtham College." We also hope that our XLC will become the University in the future. 

Besides that, Xavier Learning Community opened a specific program for Thai seminarians and members of religious congregations called the "Xavier Immersion Program." The Xavier Immersion Program (XIP) is a ten-month program of intensive studies in English designed for seminarians and religious formation. The seminarians come from most of the dioceses in Thailand. The program is also open to young men and women who have religious formation. The program has grown yearly since 2018 until now.



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The Society of Jesus was founded in 1540 by Saint Ignatius Loyola and his companions. The mission of the Jesuits is a mission of justice and reconciliation, working so that women and men can be reconciled with God, with themselves, with each other and with God’s creation.

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